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Andrew Mills and Mike Williams were interviewed last week on BBC Radio Guernsey’s breakfast show to mark the launch of the GOSHA Awards for 2018.
Click the link below to listen to the interview which is 2 hours, 25 minutes and 40 seconds into this recording:

A BBC interview with Andrew Mills on workplace safety

Life in the fast lane


Kate Adamson, the Motor Sports Association (MSA) Director and former McLaren Safety Manager was our guest speaker at the Association’s health and safety seminar in November.
Kate provided a thrilling insight into the world of motorsport and how we can all learn from the advanced procedures and contingencies adopted in this high performance industry.
Entitled ‘Safety when pushing the Envelope’, Kate drew on her extensive experience from 11 years at McLaren Racing and more recently at the MSA, where her role is to promote and support safety developments within motorsport.
‘Motor sport is one of those fascinating things where high risk and a need for a high level of safety come together and my role is where you need to bring these together’, she commented.
Andrew Mills, Chairman of GOSHA said there were many parallels to be drawn between top level motor sport and everyday life and he was delighted Ms Adamson was able to share her experiences on the island.
‘We are truly thrilled that Kate agreed to come over and her talk was a fascinating insight into a world we would only see from a distance, particularly as she covered the risk taking side of the entertainment industry.’