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Free Health and Safety Presentations for Businesses, Charities and other Organisations in Guernsey (made possible by the generosity of our speaker and the Aviva Community Fund)



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The Business Case for Health and Safety – Monday 18 February 2019
This short introduction looks at the benefits of developing and maintaining a Health and Safety system which could improve performance, enhance skills, retain staff, increase productivity, and reduce accidents so cutting costs/fines/ loss of business. It will review basic performance records and look at the ways in which current systems could be upgraded while considering the priorities of management.

Safety Maturity – Monday 4 March 2019
The purpose of this programme is to introduce Health and Safety into organisations where there has been a reluctance to do so in the past. The programme introduces the ‘five’ stages of establishing such programmes ( Emerging; Managing; Involving; Cooperating and Continuous improvement) which not only involve management but cooperation from employees and the monitoring of performance, all of which could result in major benefits to an organisation.

Safety Intervention – Monday 18 March 2019
A basic approach to show how changes in an organisation which promote health and safety could assist productivity, reduce staff absence and as a consequence improve output and financial gains. The programme will look at the company organisation of safety management, the technical and human subsystems which could influence the future of the organisation.

The Basic Principles of Health Surveillance – Monday 15 April 2019
Now becoming an essential part of an organisations’ daily routine in controlling potential and actual risks as well as detecting early signs of work-related ill-health. While many ‘health checks’ are required by law there are many other activities which do require some form of health surveillance, and which are responsible for many workforce absences. Both areas will be largely identified and discussed.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Monday 29 April 2019
This is a balanced approach enabling organisations to consider economic, social, environmental and the new ‘employee’ issues in a manner that will benefit the organisation, its employees, users, communities and society as a whole. In doing so organisations would be developing a programme which will cover a wide range of issues, including governance, business practices, ethics and values, employee rights, commercial issues etc. and will enable the establishment of a system of values, beliefs and behaviour which will enable employees to participate in and support the organisation.

Chris Minta was a principal university lecturer in the UK until his recent retirement. One of his specialist areas is health & safety – management and practice. Chris has offered his time free of charge to all in Guernsey who need to know more about this important topic. He has given his time free of charge and any costs are met by the Aviva Community Fund, which has kindly provided some financial support. Chris is member of IOSH and a specialist member of IIRSM

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